Welcome to Sri Bansilal Baseshwarlal Pearls:

Sri Bansilal Baseshwarlal Pearls is an  exclusive online Pearl jewellery showroom for all those traditional and fashion loving women.

Our shop was started in 1954. We have been serving our customers successfully since more than 59 years. Our success is due to the satisfaction of our customers, which is our motto during this period we have been included as one of the reputed shop for pearls related jewellery. Our shop is located in the biggest market of twin cities with respect to jewellery. Considering the wholesale, we supply pearls and pearls jewellery to nearly all over india and export through some agents. During this tenure of experience, we not only increased our product quality but also acquainted the latest techniques to serve te unremarkable  jewellery. Our jewellery, not only appreciated by the local citizens but also by the foreigners who visit us to buy the most popular gem of Hyderabad.

Sri Bansilal Baseshwarlal Pearls, as it emerges inside the shell always has a beautiful brilliance to it, but harnessing its true potential is what Sri Bansilal Baseshwarlal Pearls is all about. We are wholesale dealers and retailers, specializing in all varieties of pearls and pearl jewelry. Started as a family owned business, our vision is to make high quality pearl jewelry affordable, thus making each customer part of the elite group.  We offer you high value pearls at exceptionally affordable prices without any compromise on quality.

At Sri Bansilal Baseshwarlal Pearls, we house a range of multi colored, multi-shaped, rich, smooth pearls that are knitted in style as necklaces, bangles, ear rings, bracelets, anklets and more. They really add beauty when worn for any occasion such as weddings, anniversaries or any celebration and even for regular wear. We adopt several cost effective measures, like doing our own photo shoot, simpler display etc., which helps us in further passing on the profits to the customer. We guarantee the quality of every pearl we sell and there hasn’t been any sad face yet.